When I was looking for a title for my blog that would speak to my beliefs about counseling, I wanted something that was timeless and mobile. It needed to speak to my cognitive behavioral (CBT) background and also my personal strides towards MY GOALS. Tall order, huh?

I started looking for words about adventure and exploration. Too trendy. Something simple with my name? Pass. With my area? No, what if I move. Control, thoughts, feelings… Safe? No, implied danger. Mind+Body/ Holistic? Sounds good, but no. I’m focusing on the mind and how to master your thoughts specifically. Although balancing your physical and mental health IS important, I have little to contribute to the physical health side.
So it was back to my idea of mastering your thoughts.
In the legal system, the state of being of sound mind is referred to as “Compos Mentis”. Another definition is mastering one’s mind or thoughts.

Although this is a very legal definition, it really spoke to me when I found it. I instantly felt it translated be applied to mental health and thus, Compos Mentis Counseling was created.
My belief is that through counseling you ARE capable of mastering your thoughts and having a sound mind.

Follow me as I provide up to date news in the mental health world as well as personal updates in my journal to become a LPC.


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