Thankful Tuesday 

Okay – so I haven’t done a formal introduction yet, but this post couldn’t wait

On top of going to school full time and working full time and having a family full time, I’ve picked up another job the past six months… THE SICKLY FRIEND YOU TRY TO AVOID. Seriously. I have been sneezing and snotting and complaining of a headache for SIX MONTHS. 

S I X. 

I have seen several doctors and taken more meds than I can list to treat my new nemesis, The Evil Chronic Sinus Infection. E V I L.

Finally I met my Prince Charming (AKA the ENT DR) who is going to fix everything. After LISTENING to my concerns and running a ton of tests, he located the problem and devised a plan to annihilate The Evil  once and for all! 
I will have surgery to remove sinus related infection and correct a deviated septum on MAY 5th. Happy Cinco de Mayo to me

I’ll update you as I go, for now, here’s the main sources of my pain: my big honker and rosy cheeks. Traitors

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