Sam + Storms

Okay y’all… it’s time to meet Sam. She’s my LARGE and IN CHARGE, ferocious guard dog. Seriously. 

K I L L E R. 

Maybe not really… 

here’s Sammy Girl. 

Terrifying right?
Okay, okay. Maybe not so much! 
She IS a large dog and she will protect us if needed, but she’s mostly a big cuddle monster. Sam comes into play today because of her Kryptonite… STORMS. 
Storms TERRIFY Sam. If there’s thunder in the area, you might as well look under the cabinets for Sammy. 

Well, I am not your typical “animal person” – for which I get teased a lot. Hey, I’m a people person! But today -get ready to toot the horn– I was a good dog mom. 

When I left for work, I turned the TV onto shows about Dogs and made Sam a fort between the TV stand, endtable, and ottoman. I’m pretty sure we will be best friends after this. 

Hey, I know dogs aren’t my thing, but anxiety is! I cannot stand to see anyone(?) in pain. Hopefully these small creature comforts can help my pup today. 

As I thought about what would help Sam conquer this very real Texas thunder storm, I thought about more subtle, less visible, but still very real storms in our lives. The storms we don’t always tell each other we are battling, but I hear about every day in my office. The woman who struggles with her self esteem, the young adult who struggles with their purpose, the man who struggles to cope with his anger

These are all very REAL storms or battles people deal with just to name a few, but they are not as easily solved as TV noise and a nap mat. Usually mental health is an invisible, internal battle so unless someone speaks up and ASKS for help, those around them may not even notice or think to offer these creature comforts. 

I have several thoughts on this point: 

  • If you are having any thoughts or suicide, self harm, or any struggles with mental illness, REACH OUT. Contact the national hotlines, confide in a trusted family or friend, or seek professional help. 
  • Be observant of your loved ones. If their behaviors drastically changes, asked them about it. And listen if they choose to talk. Identify an issue is a HUGE step in being able to tackle it. 
  • As a society, be more open minded and tolerant of others. There is still, unfortunately, a stigma against mental health and its treatment. The more we break down that stigma, the more people feel comfortable reaching out. 

These are some very basic ways to start the fight against mental illness (easier said than done, I know). Once you’re on the journey, you’ll want to know more about various coping skills or creature comforts you can utilize to help make things more manageable. Stay tuned for that post! 

For now I’m interested, What tips do you have for someone may be fighting a storm in their life? What are some you may have use in your own life? 


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