Parents, watch this!

I include “don’t go with guys with puppies” in my stranger danger talk, do you? It seems cliche, but watch the video! 

Also remind me to tell y’all my personal story sometime of a man trying to get me in his unmarked white van. UH NO. I’ll pass. 

I praise God I trusted my intuition and I try to teach my child the same. 

If you aren’t having the stranger danger talk, maybe this video will change your mind. Even if you are having the talk, maybe it’ll change the way you approach it… 

The counselor in me KNOWS I have a negative schema and I am preaching some level of paranoia and / fear. But the mama  in me says better safe than sorry. You decide what’s best for your family. I’ll leave you with this video for today. 


Child Abduction Social Experiment Video

One thought on “Parents, watch this!

  1. Kayla Castro says:

    This is something I definitely want to teach my future kids. So scary. I actually saw this video on another site recently. Definitely an eye opener. To many sketchy and manipulative people out there who try to take advantage of innocent kids!


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