Want A Happier Life?

Eliminate the word can’t from your vocabulary. 

Seriously. Go ahead. 

I’ll wait. 

Erase, delete, unfriend. Whatever you’ve got to do. 

Get. Rid. Of it. 

If you know anything about me, you know in addition to my CBT background, I am HUGE on Choice Theory. There’s something empowering about reminding someone they have the power and responsibility in their own life. 

On that note, I would accept a person’s choice not to participate in a given activity or to choose to do something else instead. However what I choose not to endorse is the word CAN’T. 

I never understood how a small word could be so BIG until I started counseling. 

Can’t puts into our heads we aren’t enough and never will be. It has a negative connotation and robs us of our hope

I’m also not a huge fan of the word  hate either (though I’ll save that for a later post), but my dislike for the word Can’t comes pretty close. 
What would happen if you tried? 

What would happen if you said can?

What if you believed it? 

I would like to challenge you to stop looking for ways out of difficult situations… stop looking at the obstacles as impossible barriers you can never overcome. Instead, challenge yourself. Motivate yourself. Look at this as an opportunity to put your skills to the test and FIND A WAY to make it. 
Challenge yourself today to tell yourself and believe You CAN.  

I leave you today with an example of me practicing what I preach. As you’ve probably read on a previous post (or will hear again a future one), I am BUSY. This is a very busy and trying time in my life. Saying I can’t do this or I can’t do that would be easy, but I constantly challenge myself to push. I remind myself WHY I am juggling so much right now, WHY my goals are so important, and WHY I CAN handle anything for a short period of time if I just set my mind to it. Pictured here is my storage closet office. It is sad. It is pathetic. And it is me saying I CAN. 

My entire “Office” fits inside the closet. Desk, Shelf, and Printer!

Every day I sit at my little wobbly, Dollar Store, desk, decide which task is most urgent tonight, And I remind myself YOU CAN. 

If you want more happiness in your life, I challenge you to tell yourself the same thing. Say you can. Say it so much you start to believe it. Then one day… one day. you might surprise yourself and actually start to believe in yourself

So throw away CAN’T. It never did anything good for you. 


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