Waiting Room + Worry 

“Okay, I’ve got you checked in. Take a seat in the waiting room and your counselor / doctor will be right out to get you.” 

You did it! 

You scheduled your appointment and now you’ve kept it. You may be feeling good about yourself. Proud

But now you have to wait.  

And waiting can be a hard thing. 

Waiting can allow those negative thoughts a brief window to creep back into the forefront of your consciousness and say, “Do we reallllllly need to be here today? We just saw her last week? You’re not getting better anyways! Come on. Let’s go home. Oh, you know what – we could stop for Chinese food on the way home. You know how much you love Chinese food. Who cares about your diet. You didn’t think you were really going to stick with that anyways, did you…? Oh.” 

As the negative thoughts start to race laps around your cognitive track your anxiety WILL start climbing 

And climbing 

And climbing

Until you have to choose. Do you listen to the negative thoughts or do you remember to hear and believe the truth

The waiting room can be a scary place. I could speak on end of ways counselor should attempt to alleviate this stress, but this post is for YOU. You in the waiting room. You reading this right now maybe while you wait on an appointment or while you’re trying to decide if you’re going to make one…. 

Do it.


Go to your appointment

You are more than those racing, negative thoughts. 

You CAN control your thoughts and you CAN find peace of mind. 
When you find your anxiety climbing, communicate that to your healthcare professional. Process it together. See what resources they may have for you. Advocate for yourself, but don’t you dare give up. You matter and you can do this. 

Now go out there today and tackle those negative thoughts. Whether it’s waiting in a lobby or shopping in a grocery store, with education and practice, you can learn to control them.