Surgery Update

‪#saturdaymorning = recovery. 

So to recap the surgery: they tried to push over my Deviated sceptum, but it wouldn’t move far enough. Because of this, the doctor had to “shred” some pieces of cartilage out (AKA CUT PIECES OF MY NOSE OUT). 

After he’d cut out enough of my septum that he could proceed with the procedure, he went into four different sinus cavities. Once he forced the catheter into each cavity, they would expand a “balloon” that would stretch the opening to my sinus cavity. He described this as expanding bones and correctly warned me that this piece would sound similar to a bag of potatoe chips crunching. 😳

Some cavities took more ‘balloons’ and stretching than others. The last one… was… the worst. The doctor explained my cavities had a long wall in my cheeks so they were harder to get to than the ones in my forehead. Well, the catheter got STUCK in the last one. He pushed and pulled and couldn’t get it out. 
Eventually he said sorry and YANKED IT OUT OF MY FACE. 

Have you ever seen blood and pus and infection cake on a LONG rod being pulled out of your face??? I HAVE. Let me go ahead and give a spoiler, it’s not pretty. 

—Did I mention I did this surgery without anesthesia? Oh yeah! They did give me pain killers, but it was going to be way cheaper in office without anesthesia so this working mom / full time grad student picked that option! ✔️
After the last cavity, he suctioned more blood and infection out and tried to clean me up. 

I’m not sure what I expected from working on my nose and face, y’all… but I didn’t expect to see so much blood

I sneezed. Blood. 

I coughed. Blood. 

I moved too fast. Blood. 

Now Saturday morning: My nose is tender and sore. Im still coughing up some blood, but already starting to feel better! 

Hoping to rest up today, catch up on some TV, maybe write some new blogs for you guys, and get ready for the week ahead of me! 


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