Importance of Travel

In my adult life, I discovered a passion of mine: traveling

I remember on one of my first ever trips I was able to fly out of state, which was in itself an experience. Once I was there, I feel like something changed inside me. Within me. 

I remember thinking how DIFFERENT everything was! 
I was a young woman from a small, country town. I had never been somewhere so big or awake.

I could feel the city. 

I remember when I was there feeling like I could be anyone or do anything. It was an incredibly powerful experience

The biggest lesson my trip taught me is how incredibly small my world was and how much I wanted to travel to help expand it

So travel I have. And travel I do. 

For today’s Self Disclosure Saturday, I am sharing with you my travel board. It does not include all of my travels because my magnet idea is relatively new. It is my new “thing” to do when I go on a trip, purchase my favorite magnet to bring back to commemorate the trip (cheaper than most souvenir junk and a lot smaller / easier to keep up with). 

My family has started to bring me magnets from their travels too! The poker chip in the corner is from my my mom’s trip to Vegas, for example, I’ve never actually been. 

So there it is, my personal disclosure and mantra. 

Travel far enough in life… in the world… in your soul… in your psyche… and you might find yourself. 


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