Wellness Check

I recently used these questions in a Wellness Group I am facilitating

If you follow my blog, you know I am big on insight and self care though so I think they are good for all of us to answer. Counseling and self discovery can benefit anyone. 

You do not have to have some traumatic event occur in your past or some life changing decision to make now to benefit from speaking with a mental health professional. 
Sometimes being able to learn certain skill sets to better your coping skills and increase your quality of life CAN be your goal. 

When this is the case, I would have you reflect on questions such as these. What have you tried? What are you trying? What are you willing to try? 

These are very useful tools in counseling, but are also good in our day to day life to keep us in check and challenge ourselves. We can say we want something or that it is important to us, but when we ask these simple questions we can better understand how much effort we are truly making. 

Thoughts for you as this weekend wraps up. I hope you all had a blessed weekend and go into this week ready to make the world a better place! 


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