Little Things + Big Results

I’ve been looking for little ways to practice what I preach this week. 

I tell my clients it’s simple to make little changes and that they add up. Which I 100% believe

I do not think recovery is black and white. I THINK it’s a series of steps and it’s small progress, with days getting a little easier and a little easier. 

After a challenging appointment this week, this concept I preach, I decided to put into my own practice. Remember when I said EVERYONE can benefit from evaluating their mental health at a given time and assessing the tools / coping skills they are using? 

Well, I mean ANYONE! 

Obviously some people are more vulnerable for mental illness than others and some are under more psychological stress than others, but we could ALL benefit from a good self exploration and tune up every now and then. 
So why am I any different? This week was about self discovery and putting words into action!
Three new things I’ve done this week:

  • I am using brightly colored cups to drink my water during the day. Black has been my favorite color all my life, y’all, but black is not really associated with happiness and positive mental health so I’ve consciously chosen bright yellow cups (or pink or teal). Color can trick your brain into a more happy mood.  
  • Likewise, I bought a new toothbrush (it was time anyways #boringselfcare) in YELLOW. Again yellow is not my color, but I’m learning to associate yellow with sunshine, light, and happiness. I swear it’s working! Seeing something colorful first thing everyone morning flips a little trigger in my brain, “Oh yeah. We are going to be colorful today. We are going to be positive and happy.”

  • Last but not least, I’ve rededicated myself to morning workouts. There is a ton of research out there to suggest working out first thing in the morning is a great idea! It gets your body moving and it gets you on track for the day. I actually challenged myself and took it a step further this time. I chose to do an at home yoga practice. I found a disc online that I felt met my needs and so far, so good. Yoga seemed like a win, win for what I was trying to accomplish because IT IS a workout (for the doubters out there), but it’s also wonderful for stress relieving, relaxation, and mediation. Overall, it’s a good mental health tool! I’ll keep y’all update on how that goes. 

So I guess you could put this post under professional, but maybe it’s more personal. I really challenged myself this week to practice what I preach and see if it would benefit my day to day life. 

The results are in and The answer is…. YES

I even had one coworker comment that I looked “extra nice… and shiney” this week. Ha! I told her… “I think it’s happiness!” 

After brushing my teeth with my yellow tooth brush, fixing my hair, and putting my happy, shiney face on! 😂😊😍

So to wrap it up…

  • Clients: find something that works for you! The first thing may not work, but something will. 
  • Clients: counselors are humans too! Read above. We aren’t here to judge you, but help you. 
  • Counselors: you aren’t here to judge your clients, but help them. Remember and mean that. Think of creative ways to try it. 
  • Counselors: remember you are a person too! Think back to your training about self care and burn out and put it into use. We can’t help anyone if we can’t help ourselves. 


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