Red Hair, Don’t Care

Changing my hair color used to be THE BIGGEST DEAL. 

I mean HUGE. 

This used to be the procedure:

  • Look through pictures. 
  • Decide cut, color, or both?
  • Try to figure out the science behind keeping my hair exactly the same while also looking drastically different. 
  • Poll my friends. 
  • Prepare myself. 
  • Finally go through with it after weeks of saying I was going to all for it to look exactly the same afterwards. 
  •  HATE IT. 


I don’t know why I was so insecure about my hair! I hear that’s not uncommon for women, especially younger women. It seems silly now.  

The only way I know to justify it is that CHANGE IS SCARY

Even when we want it. 

Or think we do. 

Change can be scary. 

It’s uncomfortable

I have a theory that people stick with things in their lives they don’t really care for.  I think this is not because they like their situation, they are just too scared to step out of their comfort zone, The Known, and brave the big scary abyss that is The Unknown

Change. Can be scary

Change can be good. It can be wonderful. And life changing
But it can also be anxiety producing.  

The Unknown can overwhelm people to point they are unwilling to try… but try is what I want to encourage you all to do. 

Be brave

Have courage

Make a change

Then make another one

Try and try again

Life is full of chances and forgive me for being circular, but I believe chances make life full. 

If you make a mistake, don’t catastrophize. Think of it as a learning opportunity and move forward

Try. And try again
Take a chance today
Step out of The Known. 
You can do this.

Life is full of chances.

Try something today whether it is as silly as your hair color or as big as tackling that therapy goal you keep pushing off.