Graduation Update 

Cutest. Party. Ever.

My cake + cupcakes turned out GORGEOUS and were actually enough to feed everyone! 🙌🏼

We had a DELICIOUS street taco bar for my grad party! Fiesta! 🎉

Even my puppy had a good time!

I got a massage, mani + pedi, and my hair cut and styled the day of! It was super relaxing and special. I loved every bit of it.

Finished product!

I felt beautiful and had a great day! My family was supportive, my friends were a blast, and most important… I GRADUATED! 🎓❤️

Graduation Reflection 

Guess who graduates in THREE DAYS? 👊 That’s right! This girl right here! 🌻

Never did I imagine people would be coming to ME asking questions about getting their degree or careers in counseling! I’m “little ole nobody.” 


You’ve probably said it before.  I did

Week after week. 

Month after month. 

Until finally I decided to ignore or better yet reframe those negative thoughts to something positive





Ever since I decided to get out of MY OWN WAY, nothing has stopped me. 

Some days have been harder than others, but every.  single.  one of them have been worth it to get to this point. 

This is the point in my life where I show that insecure, doubting girl from 2.5 years ago that SHE DID IT! 🎉

All About Me

Greetings all, my name is Tana. I am the creator and curator of the Compos Mentis Counseling page. I am a graduate student just shy of completing my Masters in Counseling. I’m addition to my school work, I work full time at a community mental health agency and I am a big on family life. I live in Texas so if you follow my blog, you will see some y’all’s, Bless Your Heart, and a lot of referencing sweet tea

My career intentions are to obtain my LPC and practice in a mental health setting. Having worked at a mental health agency, in different capacities, for nearly four years now, I love my agency setting. However, I am open to where my journey takes me in my counseling work. 

Compos Mentis comes from interpretation of my theoretical background, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). If CBT had to be summarized to its most important component, I would argue learning to control one’s thoughts (which in turn controls their feelings and behaviors) is the most vital piece. 

Compos Mentis (see Origin Post) loosely translates to of sound mind or master of the mind. It is this idea that I bring to my webpage. 

To learn more about my journey or to get up to date news about current mental health issues, please consider following my page.