Positive Energy + The Ivy 

Another counselor at my office gave me a stem off her Ivy several months ago. I warned her not to. That I kill all things green, but she said she had faith in me (bad idea). 

The plant quickly started to die. The three leaves it had at the time started to whither and turn brown. I knew this look as I had done it to plants before. 

I sadly confessed to her what I had done and she said, “It’s feeding off your energy.” That was a little TOO holistic for me, but who was I too judge. My plants are dead. Hers are large and beautiful. She gave me some tips to revive it and I said I’d try again. 

Y’ALL. I don’t know if it’s “my energy” or some small factor I may have changed, but look at this plant! 🌱🌱🌱 

It’s not dead. It didn’t give up. It held in there with me through my toughest semesters and obstacles. As I start to breathe and look forward…
 so does my plant. 
Maybe she was on to something after all. 

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