THE Real Life Never Ending Story

Okay guys. Here come the feels. 

I am not having the best day. In fact, I am in what I call a “funk.” I have low energy, I have little of myself to give, and I know I’m ready for a break. 

I have good insight and resources to help myself when I get in these moods though. So I was sitting at my desk starting to plan my pity party when it hit me… what if I didn’t? 

What if I wasn’t insightful? 

What if I didn’t have resources?

What if the funk never ended??

What if. 

Can you imagine it?? 

Take your time. 

Seriously. Take a minute. 

Imagine your worst day. When you’re exhausted and you have nothing left to give.
But you HAVE TO keep going. Your family needs you. 

Now add on anxiety. 
Not a little. Let’s go big and add the full shebang. You worry about EVERYTHING. 

So You’re depressed and guilty about it. And you worry about that. And you worry about the bills. And your kids. And your job. And your health. And that thing you said in third grade. And your hair. And your husband. And your mother in law. And the bananas that are going bad. And. Every. Other. Thought. That comes through your head. 
And then. You get more depressed because you cannot stop getting anxious about it. 

Anxiety and depression not your cup of tea? 

Okay, go back to that worst day ever you were imagining. Now imaging humming. All day. Loudly. Add a buzzing too. You know what, lets add voices too. Four. Three talking to each other. One to you. And they. Don’t. Stop. All day. And all night. 


And over. 

And over. 

They just keep talking. 

Can you imagine it??
What if you hated your body? Your beautiful body that helps your live life. What if, when you looked in the mirror, it didn’t even look like you? What if it was a scary monster you didn’t recognize and you would do anything in your power to change the mirror? What if that included starving or other forms of self harm?

Can you imagine??

Bare with me. 

Imagine your worst day. 

Imagine my funk. 

Now imagine it happening. Again. And again. And again. 

Mental illness is real. 

Whether people choose to talk about it or stigmatize it, IT EXIST. People are dealing with very serious issues. The more we talk about it, the more likely people are to reach out for help. 

Do your part and spread the word. 

This is 2017. It’s time people accept the reality that is mental illness. 

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