Fighting with Kindness

Sometimes an argument can end in two ways: you can fight to prove you are right or you can choose to put your differences aside. The latter is the harder option. Choosing peace over winning is a learned skill. 

I am not advocating to be a “push over” or not to stand up for yourself. I am instead saying to choose your battles. You do not have to be right every time. Sometimes you can agree to disagree and sometimes you can say sorry first. 

Talk a deep look at yourself and your fighting style today. When you argue, do you want to be known as kind or right? 

Effort + Results 

Ever heard the first step is the hardest? 

Every great journey in life started SOMEWHERE. That great basketball player you admire so much had to dribble his first ball. That amazing scientist working to cure cancer? She had to learn to read. 

Everyone has a first step to their journey. 

That first step, the baby step, adds up. It may not seem important to you right now or it may be just the opposite. It may terrify you. You may be so scared of your journey that you keep pushing off that first step. 

My encouragement to you today is do it. Try. Have faith. Believe in yourself and in possibilities. 

Sometimes.. a little effort can lead to big results.